Saturday, July 24, 2004

long time no blog...

I'm confused. I thought life was supposed to be easier than this! How the hell did the stupid dinosaurs survive????? oh.. wait a sec.. they didn't hehe..
well anyways.. I thought life was much simpler and easier! I didnt know I was supposed to use my brain every breath I take!! I thought I could leave most things to the involuntary parts of my humanoid self! as it turns out, even breathing isn't as involuntary as you think it is!

oh guess what!! I was in ccd the other day and the cafe manager tells me I can have two free cappucinos this month anytime I want! deadly ain't it! I was stunned!

I started studying for cat and it turns out that I dont know english! I know maths though.. but still... english??? I can't believe this! I read a bunch of dinosaur names and turned out they were synonyms for abnegate!!!!!! its stunning what shakespeare's come up with!!!! (not to mention the other great englishmen who've made this language so unknown to me that I sometimes feel I should have just stuck to hindi!!)
right now I can't say which one I know better! infact I don't think I know any! hmm.. but atleast I know the two universal languages.... music and maths! well music not cause I can play it, but cause I can appreciate it!! you might think, appreciate ??? music??? huh??? duh??? and all such adjectives, but seriously I've realised that music has various levels! its is actually a language that encompasses all the dimensions there are...
I've rediscovered that music, no matter how much you listen to it, u can always come up with various other ways to interpret it!

anyways.. maths being the other universal language I believe is still under construction! to think we still can't plot a 4 dimension graph! and we can't determine 0/0 and lots of other things too.. basically, in maths we get by cause what we know isn't wrong and what we dont isn't really required right now! hehe..

I think I should shut up.. hehe!