Wednesday, July 07, 2004

50 First dates Vs Groundhog Day = Life!!

well well well....
today I have a topic!!!
I bet most of you have seen the movie in which a guy wakes up everyday to the same day??? and somehow only he remembers that the day has begun all over again and everyone else has no clue..

well.. how about this: life itself can be classified as something like that. It is a set amount of time, you don't know how much time... but lets just say a LOT of time (equivalent to a lifetime.. hehe)... when u die.. you just start over as a kid, and you have no clue that the things that are happening just happened some 'time' ago!!!!

And to make it more complex think that everyone is an individual experiencing this, but their 'time' is superposed on your 'time'!! so when you are doing the things you are doing.. they are doing the things they are doing.. when the 'time' limit approaches, all goes back to zero and none of you have a clue of what happened and you start over again thinking its for the first time!!

Its like the girl from 50 first dates!! she had a single day memory, i.e., as soon as she slept she forgot all that happened during the day.. in the same way: when u die, you actually come back as yourself! as a child ofcourse.. hehe..and get to relive this already lived life in any way you like.. its completely up to you to do whatever you want.. heck! you were probably were some great hero last time round, or probably just a flopped out actor. or you could have just been exactly like you are now.. kinda boring, but... its you! hehe..

enough about life and things I don't really understand..

gotta go


Tuesday, July 06, 2004

plan to be spontaneous tomorrow

its tough. tough to make sure I write something good everyday so that I don't lose any readers... well.. I do have an average of 7 readers a day.. so thats good!! I don't know who you are.. but good anyways!!

I decided to make todays post a little small... hehe...


Monday, July 05, 2004


I do believe I have spotted the dalmation that I was painting yesterday in a manner that may be compared, when looked at, to a polka dotted dress.

God I can't believe thats what actually went through my head!! When I started writing this I had no clue what to write for todays blog, so I figured I'd type anything and everything that I felt like typing and would keep doing it until the sentence finished.
I was amazed at how my brain actually thought up different things to type and that too so fast!!
I started off with 'I do believe.." cause somehow saying that gets me some time to figure out what to wype next.. usually your brain doesn't need to think about typing once you have decided what you are going to type.. right? so for that much time
(the time that you take typing the begnining of a sentence) I was able to think up various follow up pieces of text that could have made sense.. but my fingers chose to write "I have" since I'm very used to typing those words and came as quite a reflex.
I get a feeling that if I continue to talk about my stunning experiences during this race between the mind and the fingers, I would probably lose most of my readers..

will be back - some time - same place - tomorrow!


Sunday, July 04, 2004

Its just a matter of a pinion.

We all ask for the meaning of life, the Universe and everything.. but somehow end up reading the hitchhikers guide to the galaxy. Not that the answer given in that is wrong, I certainly believe that 42 is the answer to life, the Universe and everything. What each one of us does it try to pin down the question, and also miserably fail at it, but that isn't really an achievement to talk about now is it???

Just the other day, I dreamt of a man walking on the road. He just kept walking and walking and walking! I had to pinch the guy in that boring dream just to wake myself up!! How can you stand watching a guy (who just might turn out to be you in a while) walk and walk and walk and well.. walk! anyways... after I woke up I realised that I was still bored. I figured that this could have something to do with the meaning of life, the universe and everything. Dreams, they say, always mean something. Before I go on, I would like to ask all of you reading this (and if you know then please tell me about it!!) who the hell are they???? Anyways.. as I was saying, I had absolutely no clue what that man walking in my dream meant and started to analyze why? I started to rule out certain possibilities on the basis of intelligent guesses and well, it was my dream wasn't it?? Obviously, he wasn't being chased - if he were he wouldn't be walking. Unless he was trying to mix in with the crowd. Hey wait a minute!! there was no crowd! or was there?? hmmm.. these dreams certainly know how to avoid electricution dont they? Sometimes I get the feeling that my memory cells have well, rusted elctrodes or something like that cause most things just go unaffected by its field!! Things just walk by and I'll have no clue a second later!

well anyways.. as I was saying.. I thought of trying to get some expert opinion on this so I closed my eyes and flipped a coin. Tales - being chased, heads - just walking. Tales. Dammit!! I knew I was being followed!!! I should have know! I would have turned around and shown that bugger a thing or two. I remember many people saying to me, "karate?? haha! in your dreams."

Hmm.. I figured since this was taking me nowhere, and I was still walking! and well, waking people up in the morning to ask them wierd questions is really tiring... It takes an hour just to wake them up! then another to make them realise how important this question is to you.. and by the end they end up either giving you totally useless answers like,"AS IF I CARE!!!!" or re-direct you to people they dislike...
The human brain is very talented, it knows exactly what you would do in a situation and to some extent it is capable of deducing what another peoson, that you know quite well, would do in the same situation. So I asked myself, what would person A tell me?? well.. haha! In my opinion, A wouldn't give a shit. ok... that didn't go off that well... I think I'll ask B.. hmmm.. B would say... r u sure thats all you were doing? how large were your strides?? did u notice the flooring??? ....... just too many questions. lets try someoneelse.. C would probably say, oh dear! I remember, once I saw myself walking in my dream and then there was a roller coaster and then to the left I saw the ice!! It was very cold.. what were you talking about again??? ..... hmmm.. I sure do have a confused bunch of friends.. I think I should skip D, cause D is to busy in her own matters.. hehe...
E.. now E is the DUDE!!! well.. E would just say.. 'aabhheeeyyyy sshhuuddduup!' (which translates to 'oh! shut up' for all you sophisticated people out there..)
F... hehe.. lets just say all of us know what F has to say... all I can say is that F was probably not very pleasant..

I think since everyone I know... well most of the people I know aren't really dream scietists or anything like that, they wouldn't know.. so I'll just say this sometimes people just wake up and start to think. Something that they should generally be proud of but in some cases avoid.

A man has no troubles. He creates them, for his own pleasure! You might just be cribbing about something, but isn't cribbing a part of you? Wouldn't it be difficult to recognise people if you stop cribbing and they stop taunting and she stops being rude and he starts to actually listen and she realises the more important things in life and that guy over there, realises that your way of living life is the right way of living life, right?

hmm.. I usually dont get too philosophical, but I can't help it!! I've been travellnig all day and I am NOT really in a good mood right now.. hehe...

anyways.. I'll be signing off now!