Sunday, December 26, 2004


here's a joke my dad just told us all at dinner...

A guy walks into a store and asks, "hey, whats that!!"
the shopkeeper looks very amused, finding it funny that someone actually doesn't know what that device was..
he replies, "thats a thermus"
the wierd guy doesnt have a clue! he feels he was better off not knowing what that thing was,instead of now not
knowing what that thing is and also the wierd name the shopkeeper just gave it...
"what does it do?" he asks
The shopkeeper replies, "It keeps cool things cool and hot things hot!"
that line helps make the shopkeeper an instant sale, here we find that the wierd guy was also rich!

The next day we find this guy walk into his office very enthusiastically with his new thermus!!
his boss, knowing he didn't hire this guy for his brains asks "do u even know what that is???"
he replies, "YES I do!! Its a thermus. it keeps cool things cool and hot things hot!"

his boss goes on to ask, "what did u get in it??"

he replies, " Two coffees and one scoop chocolate ice cream."