Thursday, July 07, 2005

Make a wild guess and tell me how many modes of transport we used!

Today, George, Tirthankar and I went to a distant city!

We started off really late in the morning at 10:15am. The trip began with a short walk a few hundred metres, and found itself inside a tempo.

A little auto like entity with a lot more padding, an excuse for seats. It fits approximately 10 to 12 people at a time - and its just a wee bit bigger than an auto. Travelling across the oceans (as mentioned by captain po in another one of our wild adventures ) we reached a place renowed for its taxi services.
But then again, instead of taking a taxi, we rode a bus to the Global Business Park, which I recently found out is the workplace of a well known Tawakley!
I work right infront of that place, and needed funds to.. well.. fund myself.. :-)

After a little walk I was taken toward a money spiller, which, as is its nature, gave me some money! and I was rich again...
In a car we drove over to the resting place of captain po and thankar shersingh rathod or just neil... I was in a hurry since we were already very late, and were supposed to be in college by 10am! I informed the two about my woes, but alas. george had ordered a muffin. the reason why we were late was settled.

We set out after the very short bite towards the bus stand, and ironicaly again, ended up taking a cab to "maadikal"
Reaching there we hired an auto (the normal types) and asked him to take us to college. on the way we saw a strange thing popping out of the ground, reading the label on it we realised it was the metro at the central secretariat! we stopped the auto immediately and neil jumped out! po followed and so did I.. it was raining, so we got drenched and then we sat in the metro all the way to delhi university.. A rick from there to college was employed, but we still got a little wet in the rain..

We met barua on the way towards to the college office walking with a girl. They taking their lunch break together from CMS, where they both work. hmm..

We conspired to embarass him by totally ignoring his existence and not acknowledging the fact that we even remotely know the guy! we tried, we failed - we just couldnt stop laughing!!! haha... neil received the best actors award for his side-profile which he presented barua.

[ I cant take it anymore! I’ll add the rest of the pics and links later and post a message about it, this one has had its share of work from me... at least for now! phew! ]

The college office people are just amazingly nice! It was 12:40 and 1pm was the deadline to apply for the Operational Research Course in DU. I walked in and asked for the certificates, I got them in less than 5 minutes!! I got them photocopied and attested, and by 12:50 I was headed towards DU! I got there by 1pm exactly but the office people there had begun their lunch break and I felt I was late. before going back I told them where I came from and surprisingly they said, come at 2pm we'll do it...

went Holistic to have lunch and was stunned to see such good food!! I had a dosa, idli, mango shake and fuit chaat! (live in a flat for a month, you'll like all kinds of food!) met ragupathy! sadly we could not keep him entertained.. he left us at 4 claiming he had to see a movie... but before that we took a rick to kamla nagar and sat in reliance for a while, and even in barista! it was fun. ragupathy was trying to decide which is better hourly, weekly or monthly wages.. sat and discussed the pros and cons of each and helped him come up with a concept.. felt good to have a brain (and just for the heck of it, here is a female brain!) George called up a friend of his and went off for an hour or two and left neil and me at reliance.. we made the best use of our time and well.. surfed the net.

I had to make another trip to DU, and ragupathy had to go home - so he dropped me there. He told me something I had wanted, not expected;hoped, not wished; and left me stumped.

anyways.. coming back to the trip, I went over to reliance to get neil and po. They were there, but we decided we would play some games before we left!

Need for Speed Underground! the game that simply kicks ass! We tried playing with the steering wheel, but george sucked at it. His best lap was almost 2 minutes for the first race! we played and played and played, and the reliance guy came over and said - "gautam, this is a trial computer, you arent really allowed to play on this machine.." thats when we ended the day and pushed back towards gurgaon - but wait! there still are many vehicles left to go!

We took a rickshaw to the metro station and went back to the central secreteriat, took an auto to hauz khas to pick up some stuff for my office from one of our clients, went over to andheria mod to catch a bus or a cab to gurgaon. Luckily we found one waiting right there. That dropped us to my office, where we got drenched again! Po and neil sat at cafe coffee day and had some hot coffee and tea, whilst I walked the waters towards my office and handed over the clients stuff that I picked up.

Went over to ccd and ordered a nice hot chocolate! and I cannot explain what a feeling it was!!

we walked a bit and got water splashed all over us, but we were drenched already so it didnt make too much of a difference.

We found a tempo, whcih dropped us closer to our place, but just not close enough... we found another cab there which thankfully dropped us off where we had first taken our morning tempo.

we were back. wet and pissed off. i now understand the pleasantness of complaining! (as long as you dont go into specifics)

Tuesday, July 05, 2005

The Game

three things:
1. Its a little big, so if u are on a dial up, it will take a few seconds to load.
2. I know all the bugs in the game, so please dont send me bug reports!!
3. Its not the full version! (and I'm not making it either.. ) so whatever you think is incomplete or wrong , was supposed to be made in the full version, but I dont feel like making it... hehe..

I was hoping to have a lot of comments being screamed at you.. but didnt feel like recording too much.. watch out for "Have you ever pissed off a rickshaw?"

so you think you know how to drive?

4 hours of vela... so bored I made this..

I know the game says full verion coming soon.. but I doubt I'll make it..

to stop the sound press the stop button on the right bottom corner..

there is no score or anything, and if u dont have speakers dont bother playing the game..