Thursday, December 15, 2005

So here it begins :-)

Before I start talking about right now, I think I should talk about how I got here.

Once upon a time, there was a boy. He grew older and joined college. I’m rushing through that part of life cause its worth five individual posts… and I don’t exactly have forever at the airport.

While I was in college my sister got a job in Oslo with Opera Software ASA. A couple years later there was an opening at Opera for a Web Developer and guess what!! my brother was one!

He applied for the job, had his round of interviews and was taken into the Family of Opera. People there fell in love with him!!! I know all his bosses love him, I cant say about the girls he knows… :-)

A couple of years later, the saga continued, but there was no opening in Opera for little me…

Anyways, while I was working elsewhere, my sister was also working. Along with working she was touring India with the CEO of Opera Software. Much to the blessings given by the Lord and my sisters grace and the CEOs niceness and my parents liberal feelings towards where I work and ofcourse SHEER LUCK, I got to meet the CEO.

It was fun meeting him and going places. I didn’t know how rich he really was and actually offered to give him some music so that he didn’t have to “pay”…

He ofcourse didn’t let me burn anything, other than my face with embarrassment once I found out what I had just done.

Anyways, later on, I didn’t get through to Linkoping University in Sweden (yes, the place where its legal to look up women’s skirts) and was open for anything. Then came along an application to AIESEC and I became a member. Suddenly came a message from my sister asking a pretty redundant question, “Do you want a job with Opera?”

I’m sure everyone knows that I didn’t say, “yes” to that. My actual reply was, “are you kidding me!?!!?!?!?!? Ofcourse!!” much more hysterically than specified here. After which she said that I would be called for interviews etc… My mood suddenly became normal/glum again. I’d have preffered being hired without the interviews and stuff… who wouldn’t?

I was called and spoken to, and as a good boy taught to speak only when spoken to, I did the same. Thankfully, by the blessings given by the Lord and my sisters grace and the interviewers niceness and my parents liberal feelings towards where I work and ofcourse SHEER LUCK, I got the job!

Life wasn’t easy waiting for this to happen. I still had to go through all the work of getting a visa and ticket and blah and blah and blah. Two of the blah’s were very successfully completed. The Pizza’s were great! And I’ll sure miss eating food without my favourite Thi. The Mario’s prayers will certainly keep me safe when I roam the streets of Paris! Its known as a lot of things, one of them is love – Am wondering if I’ll fall in love with the first person I see? Or do they mean to say that I’ll love the place?

Anyways, I’ll leave the other two mysterious blahs – one complete one not complete, mysteries.

My flight leaves the Delhi Aiport at 1:20am, oh wait! Its late… much like everything. To clarify what I mean by that – My AIESEC membership was a little delayed, My job offer from AIESEC was in my junk mail, I got my Visa 2 days after I expected to get it. My ticket was re-booked for a later date. My job officially started on the 10th, but now it will start on the 15th. My flight to Oslo has a 6 hour stopover in Paris, which is now a 5 hour stopover – not because they second flight is leaving early, but because, much like everything, my flight has been delayed by one hour. It now departs at 2:20am and its presently 12:35am.

I am now wondering if I should even go on talking about this because I doubt anyone would read such a long post.

Enough for now… will write in India again sometime! :-)

Well… not yet…

I’m now waiting at Charles De Gaulle 2. I could have also said I’m at the Paris Airport CDG2, but that doesn’t sound too good does it?

I can now relate to all the mallus, tamilians, kannadigas, etc who are unable to communicate in hindi. They must have a TOUGH time in Delhi!! I know a few words in french, but this time I couldn’t even get myself to say ‘mercy’ scared I might say it really badly… plus you cant really say that after you leave the shop and realise ‘oh! That’s a word I could have used!!’

I was waiting in delhi at Terminal number 9 and there were about 10 terminals in all. Not too tough to move around. Now I’m at CDG2 and my terminal is 53A. I don’t know how many terminals there are, but this is 53A, not just 53.

Oh I think its time for me to go in! yay yay! Two flights in a day! Will I go right now? I may… hehay… :-)

(posted after day one at work, will mail about today later:-)