Friday, July 02, 2004

"Wink, I'll do the rest... "

I'm confused. I need help, not therapy.. just help. I'm trying to make a website but can't really figure out how to go about it. I want the site to be a living thing, one that talks back! Well. not exactly talk back but still! you know what I mean don't you? ... u don't? heh, looser...

Well, I used to do this in my old (long)mails and I guess I'll try that out here too! hmm.. I need a motto for this post.. see, when I wrote mails, I used to keep motto's like, "to know each other better!" or "to make fun of the recipient!" or "to ... you get the point right? ... u don't? heh, looser...

I think this post could use a motto like, "to live long and prosper!".. can't really see how I will fit that in, but I could try.. you know.. make this post so historically important and breath takingly amazing that people for all time to come, read it and the day they decide to delete this blog from the face of the earth! with astonished faces say, "This post has lived long and prospered!" ... naah..

I could do better than that right? how about, "to design the format for a perfect post" I could try this yo know.. its not difficult trying to pin point parts of a post that are physically, literally and theoretically important to it.. Look at it like this, a blog is like an anti-'my diary' revolt against secrecy. although it may seem like a 'my diary' kind of thing that a little kid with good hand-writing does, its not!! 'My diary' is an anti-social element and I haev PROOF! Firstly, no one with a bad handwriting dare try it! They make you write somethign daily into that little pink, flower covered, can't-even-see-the-margins diaries that are of a very kryptonitic nature to all of cool man!! Who wouldn't want a beautiful blonde to say wonderful things about him!!! She is the Kryptonite!! Cool turns to sissy!! These things kill!! If you get addicted to them once, they never let you go.. if it were the blonde, I wouldn't mind getting addicted.. but a pink diary!!!!!!!!!!! (shruthi, no offence.. heeh..)

Secondly, these things (the 'my diary' clan people) keep secrets. dark dirty sad secrets... No one dare venture into the secrets, written by any 'my diary' clone (they are all clones!! all they do is sit in a room at night smile WIDE! and look into their book and start of.. 'dear diary, today.... " don't they know the book can't read??? who are they writing for?!?!!!

I believe that if you are gonna write something, then why not let people read it.! People love to read about other peoples personal lives!! just the other day jayan tharayil was asking me whether I'm mentioned girl A, B and C yet in my blog!! well.. obviously enough, I'm NOT stupid!! well.. ok.. a little stupid.. but not stupid enough to publish my crushcapades!! haha! (those I talk about only on mail.. if you want to be included in my mailing list then please respond to this post... haha... kidding.. arey?? seriously.. I was joking about that mailing list thing.. ??? I'm gautam! I make sad jokes.. that was one of them!!! ok I think you got it.. hehe )

I also believe that if you want the blonde, you're gonna have to either buy a LOT of godrej hair dye and bleach.. OR venture out into the world and FIND one!!!!!! dammit.. I can't do both.. dye is too expensive, and so is the blonde.

In any case.. making a log online is much better than writing on paper cause you don't get ink spots!! that is one MAJOR plus point about online.. seriously saves up on ink and also dialogues like, "dude.. i can't understand this..." instead!! people are so damn lazy they never post a comment and you never get to hear their silly annoying crap!! I even have an example for this.. I met Kanak on yahoo and he claimed that my whole food-drub theory was quite like some theory made by someoneelse I know.. I NOT wanting to be related to that person.. hehe.. went psycho.. for a second or two... hehe.. and then we basically chucked the topic and started talking about exam results.. (which by the way, I dont think are out yet..) The important point being that if I had said that food-drub thing in a group of people.. I'd be BLOWN to bits!!! but thank God there are more ways than one to express yourself!!

I do believe I have exhausted my search for a proper motto, cause I was supposed to talk about designing the perfect format for a post... but I haven't really started on that.. well.. the format should be like this, you start off good.. then u go good to bad and start to suck big time.. when you get bored you move on to the main topic and when you are almost done you can simply grab hold of any thing thats left to talk about.. you get the point right?? ... u don't? heh, looser...

READ THIS NOW:: well.... just wanted to say that before I started this post I already had a motto!! haha!! The motto was "to call you a looser and make it seem un-intended...!!!" hehe... now thats what I call the right way to write a post.. confuse the reader. shock him!! and well.. surprise her! (u never want to get on a girls bad side!)

hmm.. I guess I'm done.. I'll be off now.. oh! btw.. I'm going to delhi tomorrow and will be back day after... so I dont think I'll be posting anything till the 4th night.. ciao!

Thursday, July 01, 2004

long time no pic!! Well, This one is of a Microsoft Student Advocate meet that I went to in Bangalore.. I met some pretty awesome people and made some deadly friends!! wish I had thought up more stuff to write for today.. I think I've stopped to think right about now.. Posted by Hello

Wednesday, June 30, 2004

"Ever stop to think, and forget to start again?"

hey everyone! I have realised what a waste of time a blog can be! I can't believe I just took a break from programming, just to write this!
If you are reading this then DONT forget to post a comment! I neeeeeeeeeed to know if someone is actually looking at this stuff!!

well.. anyways. Today's log is gonna be all about how I can't get my hands on a gmail account! haha.. not that I really want one, but anyways.. what's up in your life that can claim to be better than this? (write a comment.. hehe)
I love writing big mails but unfortunately I've lost all the readers I had. But!! Thank GOD! they lasted till I started a blog!!! haha!

well.. its sad that these people dont reply to my mails anymore, but still. Now I have a blog that I can mail to. This even saves up my time since I dont have to re-write anything anymore!! and the trouble of 'you didnt tell me???' dialogues is also gone! cause now if someone doesn't know, well stupid, you should have checked my blog!
My first BIG mail, usually 3 pages in word with a font size of 12, was sent to my last girlfriend. I didn't send her many long mails, we just met up! hehe... Life was good, but in second year things were different. I had to find new people to write big mails to, it was difficult. I tried some peoples patience with semi-big mails, but realised that they would rather not get any mails from me.. hehe.. then came smriti, who I stil write mails to, but not BIG ones... just normal ones, but with her I get regular replies! so thats good. Deepti! what would I do if I didn't find her! well, actually if fud didn't find her! haha! I mailed her a few humongous ones, but then she started to reply tiny ones! so I just sent BIG ones instead. Then came the best part!!!! I got a PHONE!!!!!!!!
and obviously enough my phone bills got to mars before man! ('went through the roof' is another way of saying that... hehe) I started talking instead of mailing and seriously!! its much more interactive!!! some people talk back!! It was AMAZING!! seriously!! haha!! well.. the reason I said that some people talk back is cause some people didn't even care to listen?? as if I care what crap you are saying! atleast I'm litening and trying figure out what you're trying to get at, even if its you little fake fingernail getting stuck!! I would have appreciated if people did that atleast.. anyways.. I tried talking to a LOT of people. didn't work.. not my kind of thing... (hehe... baruah!! what was that thing that wasn't my kind of thing???? I forgot! )
Well a lot of people have come and gone in my phone call list, one person who joined quite late but has recently become one of my top calls, Gunjan! I dont know how or why or what I talk to her! but I just do.. it just fits somehow.. she knows how to talk I guess.. hehe...
Asim I'd say is a good talker. Fahad.. well, at best I'd say he should become a poet... no offence.!
anyways.. there were others too.. the longest BIG mail I've sent is to pai! ??somehow?! I still dont remember what I wrote in that!!! haha! and I've been trying to break that record too. but it just seems toooooo difficult..
the thing is that the mail must be typed in 10 minutes only, from start to finish. It doen't matter if I have thoughts left or not, I just have to stop at or around 10 minutes.. it helps me save time this way..

anyways.. as my mom would say, "night good!"

Tuesday, June 29, 2004


"This is me again, or somebody has stolen my password and is updating this thing for me, which is quite ridiculous anyways, so it must be me right!" - common mail message... ;-)

I have FINALLY managed to create the BEST database I have ever made in my life!! It is sooooooo goood!!! I would explain it right here, but I wouldn't want to make you stop smiling now would I???

I wanted to share with the world.. has a nice ring to it doesn't it?? .. hmm.. share with the 'world' some of my experiences in taking control the things that happen around you!!
I somehow believe that the world runs on the theory stated as such: "If you don't expect something AT ALL! It will happen." and no I'm not talking about a space craft from a Douglas Adams book. I'm talking straight plain simple stuff! Life is what you don't expect!
Some people would just read that and think, "hmm.. ok." but lets look beyond your intelligence... hehe... I believe that, THAT is the key to controlling the universe! Convince yourself that you will not get hurt! and pinch yourself!! did it hurt?? well stupid! obviously it will hurt! You're pinching yourself!! I'm talking about things that are not in your control, only!
Hard to believe, but it worked for me!! I actually tried to convince myself for 3 hours that I had absolutely no chance of getting into St. Stephen's and actually convinced myself so much that I ignorantly walked into KMC and was going to pay my fees when someone standing in line behind me got a call from her dad that she got through and then I asked her, more cause I was hitting on her! than wanting to know if I got through, and she asked her dad and he said, "Yes, there is one Gautam Chandna" mentioned here.
you have no clue how happy I was!!! well, one cause I got through and TWO!!! cause even she got through to the same course as me!!! but unfortunately during ragging while I was away getting myself acquainted with the seniors (as they would like to call it) she was among the other girls probably thinking, "what a bunch or idiots!" and then she left college.. without eevn saying goodbye.. :-(
Till the time she left I thought her name was Vidushi!! haha! turned out she was somebody else...

The important point being, I convinced myself that admission in a great college was impossible! and also believed that I was not lucky enough to meet a good looking girl. Once those two happened, I was sure she was in some other course. One that happened, I was sure ragging would be easy and I would easily be able to hit on her later. Once I wasn't able to, I was so sure that after ragging finishes, I'm gonna go foll throttle. She left. Dammit!
But anyways.. I had a girlfriend then, so life was good. So its good I didnt get to hit on anyone! haha..

I think I'll sign off now..


Sunday, June 27, 2004

hmmm.... a blog

"I don't suffer from insanity. I enjoy every minute of it."

today I thought I would write my blog in the morning . There is much that happens in the wilderness, that you forget once you are out of the jungle. ??why! why do I like making and writing such stuff!?

anyways.. Melissa recently told me about the abundance of Stephanians in and from Dehradun. She also suggested creating some kind of society! I think the idea is still deadly! Unfortunately, I made a website for this society... no thats not the unfortunate part.. hehe, the unfortunate part if that my connection is so terrible, I cant even connect to the server to upload the site!!! If anyone can help, please tell me... I've tried cute ftp, ftp and explorer! I'm still trying though, to get it up. Hope it gets done soon.

There is another site that I'm working on, but I dont really know its keywords yet.. hehe... It will have user's, it will have personalized pages for each user and it will have user-groups and discussion boards. That all I know for now. I'm planning on developing the whole thing in five languages.. well, basicly four since html is there anyways... ASP.NET, Javascript, CSS and hopefully mySQL. I dont even know them properly yet!! Hope I learn fast!

My uk star's tryin ta teach me sum slang! Reena's ma blad n am learnin bare talk! yo me finks dis is fyn, ? For those of you who didn't understand : My friend from uk is trying to teach me some slang. Reena is the friend and I'm learning loads of slang. I think this is fine, right?

>Its been some time since I added a pic, so I think I'll go back to the past and add one that's probably the only one I have of those two together! Fud and deepti!! along with Asim and Anusha. In college this photo was referred to as the family photograph. This is how and why: From the right, Deepti the housewife, who has had a tough day shouting at (the mad maid who threw her down the stairs.. hehe.. I forgot her name.). Next if Fud! (ok fine Fahad) the husband, whose come from a tense day at the job. Doesn't know how he will pay for my expenses! since I am the guy who looks like the granddad and also the guy spending all the money! After Fud is Asim, the sweet little boy (hah!) who just joined college and is quite excited! After him is me! The old guy... sadly. Please note: I no longer fancy a french beard! After me is Anusha, more commonly known as Pai. She's still in school... well, in the photograph atleast, hehe!

Just smile.

"Consciousness: that annoying time between naps."

Hmm.. "this morning I woke up on the wrong side of bed." What the hell does that mean!! there are only two sides! right and left! and if you did get up on the wrong side, go back and get up from the other side!!! and in anycase, for some people anyside is the wrong side!
The only thing I've found meaning in the morning is to drink all the water you can, and then just smile. No! not just show your teeth! smile, as in, smile from inside! and then Yoga and exercise and jog and blah blah blah... Is this too difficult?? well.. u were always grumpy anyways.. so fine! just stick to the smile.
God its difficult coming up with new stuff daily!! Considering that all thats happened today is that I've been sitting infront of my comp and typing away to glory for most of the day... there aren't many new things for me to say! During my hols I'm studying, College days what will I do? Partying all day at friends places, and probably make rhymes like this one too! hehe... damn I'm bored. Shruthi read this!!!! thank you. She is one of the few people who have acknowledged my hard work and labour of typing this stuff daily... anyways, I'm writing a story and thought of putting that up too, but its too long.. will figure out a way for that in some time.
Does anyone have a gmail account? If yes, I'll be your best friend! send me an invite please please please!!!! (for those of you who don't understand.. google mail gives a mailbox size of 1000mb. but u have to be invited into the group, u can't sign up...)

Well, Its getting quite late and I guess its time to say good night.

Good Night.