Wednesday, October 13, 2004


i'm so scared right now. i can't believe how dependant i am on the internet right now. its like, i live online.i just casually came up to my comp and clicked on 'connect' and it didn't.
i got so freaked, i checked my modem - it was fine... i check if the phone line was plugged in - it was... i checked for the dialtone - it was dead.
i felt so lost, it was like being rejected by a girl!! (and thats putting girls on a higher platform btw)
i wish this never happens to anyone on earth. may the your computer be always connected!

ITS ALIVE AGAIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'M CONNECTING RIGHT NOW!!!

Tuesday, October 12, 2004

The Candyman

There are times when we feel challenged,
But then there are times of freedom.
Acheiving which requires meditation no one can lend,
Relaxation too, helps, if you can get some.

I wish I knew how to get there,
The question still remains in my head.
I wish even more I knew where!
Confusion is a fact based on what I said!

Out of the blue, you hear a man scream,
Ice Cream! Ice Cream!
Sounds funny doesn't it?
Not for the man selling even in his dream.

You might be happy and content,
And being evil is obviously not your favourite past time.
Being nice? you sure are hell bent!
Don't you believe listening to you preach,
The world would be just fine?
But just look at yourself,
You bruise like a peach!

If only there was one man,
Who would be the ideal one.
Well, fine! there could also be a woman!
Who would know what is done.

There might be someone like that,
Someone you probably know.
Is he your 80 year old Uncle?
Who thinks your morality doesn't show?
Is he irritating, in his own special way,
one that you just couldn't let go away.

If he your nephew, just 2 days old,
Cho Chweet!!! and yet so pure!
Who will obviously get diluted and distilled,
And in a decade or two call you out of date!

Who the hell is the happy man?
Who knows the limits and the loops?
The one who you like and who likes you too.
You can always be certain of his feelings.
Always sure that he would be there.

Wouldn't you want to be like this man?
Who understands people better than what psychiatrists say?
He is nice to all and is still happy in himself,
Is it because he derives sadistic pleasure,
seeing people happy?!?

There is one man who everyone thinks he has in himself,
The one who can't stand somebody cry.
Inside you he is kept on a shelf,
who can't stand when things go awry.
This man is what people say is your consience,
It seems in most people he is asleep!

There is one being in me, the one I call the candyman,
Who makes me happy and gives me sweets when I am down.
Who is always nice and somehow bad memories from my head he just knows how to ban,
To say the least, without him I'd feel like a clown!

Someone would doesn't want to be evil,
Who thinks support is all one needs.
Who is willing to give, in the interest of others.
Who is willing to recieve, unless whatever you give is your mothers!

Wouldnt I like to be him to myself,
someone I wouldn't just keep on a shelf.
The Candyman would make life sweet,
for me and for all
The Candyman would break the ice,
The Candyman would be just so nice.
I wish I knew him well enough probably thank him more often,

But who would want to be evil anyway,
Not you I suppose.
And even if so, what wierd stuff happened?? did you go astray?
There are reasons always which tell us why.
But who interprets them and lets us know.
Who shifts our one track minds to levels beyond the ones we generally show?

Woudln't we all love to see this man,
In all his glory?
Wouldn't we all like to know this man,
Probably want to know his life story!

Love is something this man needs not,
mostly because its all he's got.
Liked by all and hated by none,
Helped by all and he is the one who needs none.

And this might sound wierd but
If this is you and you are the author,
wouldn't you want to be the man himself and say
"If you know me well enough,
I am the Candyman."

Science!!!! Isn't it strange??

What you call right now, is probably defined by Caesium,
What you might think true could just be one.
If science was a guy, wouldn't you like to meet him?
Honestly speaking I'd say he would be quite dumb!

A child in class four asks less questions than science,
And a man in his eighties talks more sense than it!
But still we believe that science in itself is fiction free.

I'm Mr. Science, if ever said that candyman,
Would it be strange or plain simple worse?
Impossible it may seem,
What relation could science have with my dream?

One thing I'd like to know
Does the candyman believe in snow?
Does he believe in the beauty of sound,
Or does he just play according to the bounds?

Science teaches us to reason with facts,
It teaches us to write down and enforce pacts.
But is it possible to stick to rules?
Is it possible to use a benchmark?

To me a benchmark is what I did in class,
I might see a pigeon
And call it a dove even through plain glass!
It is me who is thoughtful, not science.
It is the candyman inside me who notes the beauty of a bird,
Not the Science that calculates its speed.

The Candyman, what a wierd thought.
Since he is so nice, and always loved by all.
Could he be so naive, as to be evil free inside out?
Is he also one of us, who manipulates and calculates,
Things which people know and hear,
Just so that the world could to peace, adhere?

I suppose it is possible,
Possible for him to be stupid!
I suppose it could be possible,
Possible for him to be insanely clever?

If he did believe in science,
and all its facts and beliefs.
Does he actually follow the path of rules?
Or does he just use the ones that apply.

I'd like to know what he could be like?
Is he something that, without science, would die overnight?
He might be a saint, but what could he preach?
If facts are what he talks of, science it is.
If inferences he makes, science does he breach?

Science in itself is a huge topic,
It has many parts, more than what you think.
Even talking is a science, wierd as it may seem,
but you do know for a fact, wink doesn't mean blink!

Its just a taboo to people who are scared,
Its just a boo-boo for cry babies who can't handle what Einstien said?!
Science is not Physics, science is not chemistry.
They sure are science but there is more to it than just that.

Science itself is defined very wierdly,
Its like a contract drafted by a very intelligent lawyer.
No loopholes to let fiction creep in,
Even varialbes are defined in advance,
And hope is like a trend.

Would the candyman believe in facts?
I guess he would like to know before he talks.
He would like to talk but about things he does know,
Unless he is in college and just likes to blow hollow!

Do you have facts about your life?
Do you know why you are alive?
Philosophically I would say there are reasons beyond compare!
Your ancestors would know better, unless you pay the world your share.
Psychoogically I would be called 'depressed' if I ever asked that question,
A prescription would tell me to sit and relax.
If the answer really that wierd?

The candyman must believe in science!
how the hell can he devise so many methods to keep the world alive?
Does he calculate people happiness on a scale of one to ten?
Goes to the church or a temple to clear his facts about the hive?

Hey, wait a minute. We know he makes us happy,
But since I need to know,
and I'm guessing you would like to think,
Is the candyman ever happy?
does he not need a candyman for himself?

It gets wierder still,
Science discovers no bounds,
It just found a new thing it calls recursive compounds!
Since everything has a past, a future will come its way,
The present is what I say should be dealt with right away!

The candyman lives more as a memory,
He dies more like a child.
He may have been there for your dad,
But the one with you isn't that old?
Nor is he that knowledgeable.
What happened to the candyman who taught your parents to be nice?
What happened to the candyman who could recite your dads credit card numbers twice!

Is your candyman, a child to your dad's?
Is my candyman not related to yours.
Any different is the one in the ads?
What science governs this stuff?
I'd surely like to know!

Relativity.. is it true?

Candyman, Candyman : who is the most beautiful of them all!
My present crush would determine my candymans answer,
But to someone else she might look like a goul!
Does that mean I'm wrong? does that mean my candyman is nothng but a song?

My candyman doesn't know what you think, he doesn't know what you say.
He only speaks of things relative to which I wouldn't say nay.
Is it science that defines the candyman? just like a moving train?
A ball may be sitting at the window, you may call stationary.
I might be a dog playing catch running to the ball hopelessly!!

Thoughts seem to wander, my head seems to leave me,
Times are more of knowing what you think.
myself I just seem too dreamy,
Interesting is what I call, catching you wink,
rather than knowing myself as the missing link?

I might think differently though,
ForI reality is too much fun to let go!

Sunday, October 10, 2004

How the mind flies...

mind flies, dead mind with flies swirling around it, dead body with vultures and other scavengers feeding on it, an open landscape in the heart of africa, tourists on a jeep taking photographs for the national geographic, A Nikon camera with wide focus and a zoom lens! its a digital camera that is connected to a laptop with a USB cable, internet!, blogs, Weblogs, on the web logs, spider webs on tree trunks. Its raining, there are drops of water hanging from this web. A green forest flourishes while a flooded river flows by a few hundred feet from this tree. The rain stops and the spider is out to repair its badly mutilated web. Its still not sunny - it rarely is during this time of the year. The eight legged hairy creature couldn't survive without the help of its non stick feet. Although we can survive without non stick pans, they do make life easier! Imagine making something on a normal pan, it would get so stuck you would spend more time cleaning the pan than eating the food you make! The time taken to finish a certain dish depends very much on one main factor, how much it appeals the taste buds of the person eating it. People generally assume that if a person likes a dish he will eat fast and if he doesn't he will eat slow. While for approxmations that may stand correct, I believe that if a person likes a certain dish a lot, i.e., extremely enjoys eating then he/she will eat very slowly savouring every bite as it goes in. food that tastes good can be gobbled down at higher speeds although safety measures are very important. A good safety measure for high speed travelling in cars is the air bag. It is very effective but sometimes fatal to the driver herself, if not used carefully. Most people assume that 'it can't happen to them' and live in the world of certainty that nothing will happen to them. They dont realise that precaution is something that the user himself has to take!