Tuesday, October 26, 2004

The Dreamer

Once upon a time in a village called Ram Nagar, there lived a man who knew. Ram Nagar means the town of God. No one realised how ironic that statement that really was, until one day.

Ram Kishore Kanhaiya Lal Tripathi, a one man army to his fields, a mother to his only child. Amicably called Ramu, this lad at twenty five didn't expect much from life.

There wasn't much change in the town for a very long time. Ramu still worked on his ancestral farm, the locals were the same. Not many people went in and out of the village. When I say many I still leave a little gap for a few to come by, and it were these few that started all the trouble.

"arey oh! Ramu!", a voice from behind the corn bushels called out, "kidhar ho bhaya?!"
People knew Ramu's habits, he was on his field everyday but today was different. Ramu was still sleeping.

Popat Lal, often called Lalaji, was the local money lender (a loaning bank with extremely high interest rates) was looking for Ramu. The crop was ripe and his money was all he cared about.

Ramu was sick, he couldnt even move. His son was crying but he could do nothing. He needed a breakthrough, he just dreamt of one and got it.

To this day people lived thinking that their past is behind them, but what they didn't realise was that they were looking the wrong way. You past is ahead of you because that is what you can see! Your future is coming at you from behind, because you never know what you are going to get.

What is your whole past was just a dream that you dreamt last night. You woke up thinking its all true and are so convinced about the things that happened yesterday that you can't stop, even for a second, to believe that all this is just yesterdays dream.

Time isn't quantifiable object. If you believe that its possible to see your whole life flash by you in a second just before a car crash, why can't it just be a second long?

Every dream is a lifetime in itself, we just seem to be stuck in this one. I will wake up tomorrow and forget that any of this happened. I will forget that I ever wrote this. I will forget whatever I need to and know whatever I want to. And if I dream of today all over again, I might start off tomorrow continuing today. If I dream of something totally disconnected I wont really think of today as the true yesterday. Yesterday would have been dreamt up in my head some instant before I wake up.

In all this there is some hope. You can make sure you dream a good dream.
Wash away the dirt, use some soap. Make sure you don't scream.
Who said the sky is the limit? Dream a new one today.
The centre of the Universe, shift it. Bring winter to may.
Imagine the possibilities, what's left is not really gone.
I still believe that your dreams can come true, because they do. Dream on.