Saturday, December 31, 2005

Another year, ... well.. another year!

I decide to be more honest to my blog and not fill it with arbitrary things I find interesting. Instead will actually spend some time on writing articles and short stories.

I feel I have done great injustice to the readers of this blog (chinmaya and shruthi.. hehe) by giving them out of date email forward material!!

A disgrace I say...


but hey! its not new year in my part of town yet :-)

So here is one LAST thing which I found extremely hilarious... and to add on a bit of justice here is a small story -

Before I delve into the whole story, I should mention that by the end I will be introducing the band Queen into this story! so please pay attention or it wont make sense. I assure you it is worth the wait!

Not so much later in the future, in a war near you there were two main kinds of warriors. On one side we had the players, the ones who played the field like it was just a game! and on the other we had the enemies. The enemies were always the bad guys, there was no option. Nobody discussed their views or reasons to go to war, they just simply hated them. Much like walking into a shady ally on a dark street at night - anyone who doesnt smell nice is - the bad guy, right?

Anyways, this was a war of a different nature. Good guess, it was not on earth! Did the line 'of a different nature' give it away.. damn you are intelligent!

So this war was in space. A Battleship located in Sector Zero, also known as Zero wing, was surprised with a kamikazi bombing attack!

The dialogues are an english translation from Japanese, so dont complain if it doesnt sound right!

The Story begins:

In A.D. 2101, a WAR was beginning. Zero wing used to be a peaceful place where the one and only Zig-01 was parked and serviced. This ofcourse was our hero's jet fighter.

Everything was going smooth until, suddenly! there was an explosion! The Captain SCREAMED What happen ?. The whole team in the command centre was shocked and frightened, they had never expected nor scene such a scary scene. The mechanic instantly replied, "Somebody set up us the bomb".

Everyone was confused. Who would set us up? why would someone attack? The whole federation army was our ally!! Who would dream of going against us! plus we have the Hero and his Zig-01! The operator interrupted, We get signal.

The captain, really really curious to know whats on TV, asks, "What !". Only to speed up things the Operator commands,Main screen turn on.

We suddenly see an image on screen. It was not a very scary image, but I guess the person himself was scary.. the Captain was very surprised as he said, It's you !!.
The scary man was the leader of the CATS! and since he was a guest, he queried, "How are you gentlemen !!" Only to retaliate before he got an answer with the MOST famous dialogue on the planet! He said, "All your base are belong to us."
He added, "You are on the way to destruction.

It turned out that the federation army had betrayed Zero Wing and let CATS take over the world! The ever-so-positive-Captain didnt believe him and asked, "What you say !!"

The CATS Leader warned the humans to leave ASAP by saying, "You have no chance to survive make your time." Along with a laughter only devils could laugh, "Ha Ha Ha Ha .... "

Being an honest NineToFive worker, the operator wanted to know if he could take he day off, he screamed, "Captain !!"

The captain knew the HERO was on board! The Announcement was made"Take off every 'Zig'!!"
His people stared at him and didnt know how to respond... He repeated himself, "You know what you doing."
His people still were not sure of what was going on.. explosions, threats, evil laughter and then this dude who sounded like he had lost his mind! The Captain re-iterated: "Move 'Zig'."
This time he was understood... Everyone took off a Zig and tried to save the planet! Ofcourse our hero was there to save the world too.. but this story isnt about him:-)

The Captains last words before the great war began: "For great justice."

Click on BEGIN to see what I'm talking about!

PS. You can also refer these pages on wikipedia to know more about the phrase ALL YOUR BASE ARE BELONG TO US!

(To make things easier to understand, this is just a totally-blown-out-of-proportion-japanese-to-english-translation-error-made-funny-animated-video-:)

Muhuhuhahahaha! i like this kid...

Friday, December 30, 2005

An old song in older languages

Hindi: Original:
A Kya Bolti Tu
A Kya Mai Bolu
Ati Kya Khandala
Kya karu Ake mai Khandala
Are Ghumenge, nachenge, gayenge Aish karenge or kya ?

English :
Aye what do you say?
Aye what should I say?
Speak on.
Coming to khandala?
What should I do, coming to khandala?
We'll roam, we'll loaf, we'll sing, we'll dance
we"ll freak, baby,what else?

Sanskrit : This is too good
Aye balike, twam katham kathisyasi
Aye balakah aham kim kathisyamh
Kim twam khandaalaa agchasyasi
Aham kim kurwasyami khandaalayeh
gamisyami, bhramisyami, nryuthyami, gaayami, maja
karishma, kim karishyami?

Kannada :
ye... yen helti neeee yen hel-li
bartiya khandala..
yen madli....bandbittu khandala
are...tirugona,kuniyona..koole madona..innenu ....

Punjabi :
A ke boldi tu;
A ke mein bolan;
Chaldi khandala
Ki karaan ae ke mein khandala
Are Ghoomenge, Turainge, Naachenge, Gaavenge, Mauj
Karenge, Aur Ki ?

Gujarati :
Aye shun bole tu?
Aye hun shun bolu?
Aave chey su khandaalaa?
Shun karu aaviine khandaalaa?
Ghumshun, pharshun, naachshun, gaashun, majaa karshun,
beeju shun?

Aye kaai tu mhantes?
Aye kaai mi mhanhu?
Yetes kai khandaalaa?
Kai karu yevon mi khandaalaa?
Are ghumuyaa, phiruyaa, gavuyaa, nachuyaa, aish
karuyaa, aankhin kai?

Kashmiri :
Heey, kya chaakh wannan
Heev, kya bhe wanneyyyy
Pakha telle khandalaa;
Kya karee weeteth bhe khandalaa
Pherevhey, nachevhey, geevevhey, khevevhey, eesh
karav, beyy kya?

Konkani :
Aye ! kitte sangta tu?
Aye ! aao kite sangu?
Khandalaa yeta ghi?
Khandalaa yevun kithe kharche?
Bhovya, Phireya, Naachya, Gauya, maja korya, ani

Bengali :
Ei ki bolis tui
Ei ki ar boli
Jabi ki khondalaa
Ki kori giye khondalaa
Are, ghurbo, phirbo, nachbo, gaibo, maja korbo ar ki?

Malayalam :
Aye yenna pariyunnu?
Aye nyan yenna pariyu?
Varinno khandala?
Yendu cheyam? Nyaan vannu Khandaala?
Karangam, chuttam, paadam, aadam, maja

Telugu :
Aye, ainte chaepphuta vu
Aye,ainte chaepala
Wastava Khandala
Yem Chesedhi? vacchi Khandala
Thiruguthamu, eguruthamu, aadthaamu, paadthaamu,maja
chesthamu inkemi?

Sindhi :
Aye cha thi chaen tu?
Aye Maan chaa chavan?
Acheti cha khandaalaa?
Cha kandis achi maan khandaalaa?
Are Ghumandasi, phirandasi, gayendasi,
Nachandasi,aaish kandasi, byo cha?

Magahi : (BIHARI)
A ki bolahin tu
A kya boliyuow hum
Aaimahi ki khandala
Ki kariaow aake hum khandala
Gumbai, Phirbai, naachai, gaayii, aish karbai aur ki

ey ki kua tumi?
ey ki kom moi?
ahibi ki khandala?
ki korim aahi moi kahandalaa
are ghurim,phirim,nasim,gaam,
khub phurti korim aru ki?

e kana kahuchhu tu?
e kana mu kahibi?
khandala jibu ki?
kana mu karibi khandala jaaiki?
arre buliba,ghuriba,naachiba,gaaeeba,maja kariba aau kana?

ey enthe anya neen?
Ey nan entha annana?
Bappiya khandala' k
Enthe maduva khandal'k poyith
Arre suthana, aadana, padana, majaa madana?injetha?

Foreign Languages :

Ae ke bhanchhau?
Ma ke bhanu?
Aounchhau ki khandala?
Ma ke garnu aayer?
Ghumne, phirne, nachne, gaoune, maja garne aru ke?

German :
Was sagst du ?
Was soll ich sagen ?
Hor mal !
Sag mal !
Kommst Nach Khandala ?
Was machen wir in Khaldala ?
Wir gehen, spazieren, tanzen, singen, haben spa?,
was noch ?

Spanish :
Tu que deceas?
Yo que deseo?
Di me
Vas a tu khandaalaa?
Que haceo, yo voy en el khandaalaa?
Viajamos, vagabundeamos, bailamos, cantamos,
disfrutamos, si no.

Chinese :
Ain, Chon Zuan Ho?
Ain, Chon Hee Zuano?
Hyuan Chon Khandala?
Chon Tsuani Hyui Hee Khandala?
Chijuan, Kajuan, Marijuan, Siuan, Samshuan
Tsuaniya Tsu Chon?

Russian :
Aeich, Kov Speache niv?
Aeich, Kov miv Speache?
Comeva Kov Khandala?
Kov Sheychev Comov miv Khandala?
Rotiv, Rotrach, Balleva, Opereacha, Enjova
Sheychevin, Kov

French :
Aye! qu'est-ceque tu dis?
Aye! qu'est-ceque tu me vouler dire?
Est-ceque tu viens a la Khandala
Qu'est-ceque je fais a aller a la Khandala ?
Promenez, Allez, Dansez, Chantez a quelle?

Zambesi : (African)
Aye, Zwa To Zulu,
Aye, Zwa Ze Zulu,
Heliyo To Khandaalaa?
Zwa Kumi, Helithe Khandaalaa?
Himala, Romala, Wahwahla, Infala, Kumaya Kumana, Ni

Wednesday, December 28, 2005

The beacon of Amun Din is lit!

I just had the most amazing idea ever!!

As can be seen from my previous post, I was listening to music and whenever I liked a part of the song I patched it up to the other parts.

This time! I figured, I watch SO many movies nowadays I should just write down lines from them..

Yes, I am very vela.. and no its not because I hardly work.. Its just that I have nothing to do after 6pm other than eating... and blogging... and mailing... and eating some more...

Lets see if someone can guess which movie I'm watching right now... :-)

"The fat one will take it from you"
"They were so alike, he and my father."
"You filthy two faced sneak"
"Go home."
"Lets find some food"
"I wish I could have seen him.. last time"
"I give hope to men,I keep none for myself"
"The people are to follow your rule in my stead"
"The very warmth of my blood seems stolen away"
"Open the gate! quick!"
"Now back, up the hill, quickly"
"Get back there and smash it down"
"Grond! Grond! Grond! Grond! Grond! Grond! Gron..." and so on

hmm... its quite simple though.. I'll watch some tough movie for the next post..


The BEST recipe for Pulav! I just made this today and it IS amazing!

1 glass rice
1 diced potato
1 chopped onion
1 cup mixed vegetables
1 tablespoon chilli powder (or less, if your stomach cant handle it)
1 small piece of ginger, finely grated (or 1 teaspoon ginger paste)
1 teaspoon cumin
2 tablespoons Oil
2 tablespoons tomato puree
a few pieces of paneer

Wash the rice and keep it aside.

Heat the oil in a deep non stick pan/pot (whatever you use for making rice).
Add the cumin, chopped onion and ginger. Let it heat till the onion is golden brown. You could let it turn a little black if you like your onions well cooked.

Add the rice and make sure there is twice as much as water as there is rice. Add the usual spices (salt, chilli powder and any other powdered substance you like to eat). Add the tomato puree, and let it boil. Once boiling, add the paneer. Cover the pan/pot and let it cook for about 10 to 15 minutes.

10-15 minutes later, check if it is cooked and if it is - !! here it is ! the best way to have rice on earth!

Tastes AMAZING with curd!

If you're living alone and dont have people telling you to stay out of the kitchen, do give it a go!

am off for now, will be back tomorrow

Tuesday, December 27, 2005

A little lost, a little found

Last time I stayed at the De’ville,
I didn’t want to go another day.
It seemed like everyone was throwing their love away,
I thought I had a good thing going my way, so I say
Nobody ever made me feel that way.

Here I am looking at it from the outside,
The old stony walls are my memories guide.
How they danced in the courtyard
Sweet summer sweat
Some danced to remember
Some danced to forget
So I spoke up to the Captain
I said, “I'm not a perfect person”
There are many things I wish I didn't do
But I continue learning
I never meant to do those things to you

But I love my dog as much as I love you
You may fade, my dog will always come through.
All he asks from me is the food to give him strength
All he ever needs is love and that he knows he’ll get
But there is one thing he asked me for that I couldn’t give,
I couldn’t do that, oh I couldn't do that

The day she went away
I made myself a promise
That I'd soon forget we ever met.
But something sure is wrong,
Cause I'm so blue and lonely.
I forgot to remember to forget.

If I could make days last forever
If words could make wishes come true
I’d save every day like a treasure and then
I would speak with the tongue of angels
I would hold the hand of a devil
It’s warm in the night
I am cold as a stone

I’m still a little lost, just a little found…

Monday, December 26, 2005

Christmas 2005 :-)

Life has been good... and the rest has been great!

Starting Friday the 23rd at 5:45pm one of the most entertaining and awesome times of life just passed me by...

I left for a Cruise called "Colorline" to Denmark that evening along with my brother and his friends. The most amazing bunch of married couples I have ever seen! Its like these guys are college students going steady (for life) with their partners..!

I won 10 kroners on slot machines(thats close to 70 rupees), it was fun! and I am currently extremely tempted to go again but am quite sure the machines will recover their losses next time.

I got home the next day in the evening and watched Lord of the Rings Part 1 with my brother and had Tomato Soup, Garlic Bread and potato sandwiches. That evening I watched The Matrix Part 2 after my brother left, but Havar joined me for that. The next morning after Havar left, I watched A Guy Thing and then The Matrix part 3. I also watched a bit of Lord of the Rings 3.. Soon it was evening agani and time to visit Mrinal and Prachi (one of the three couples I went to the cruise with) We had a lot of fun and played some games.. I got home at around 2am.. and watched Bourne Supremacy. I woke up earlier today only to start watching Spy Game... Now watching Sin City. Also planning on watching King Kong soon.

Life is good!

Work starts tomorrow... lets see how it goes..