Friday, March 24, 2006

V for VeryVeryAmazing!

(Sorry Ms. V, but today I am a fan of another V...)

To begin with, I didnt expect it to be the kind of movie it was. I didnt even expect to like it if it wasnt what I was hoping for - but it was 'so good!'

It was a mockery of the governments ruling the world today. It was a mocking well done!

Its a very well made movie, the sound and effects are great. The story has too many holes, and is practically impossible - but the movie is done so well and the meaning behind it all is so clear that it doesnt matter.

A man gets shot with all the bullets coming from the guns of 9 men - and when I say all, I mean till their guns ran out of bullets. He lives to save the day, only to die after all the saving, including telling the girl that he loves her - after which she sends him packing in a train full of explosives to blow up a huge building.

All said, you have to see it to believe it. Its not mushy crap, its not a serious nose job - its simply true.

The movie is based on the vengence of one man, but leads to a lot of other things. There are very many small things that reminded me of the world outside the colosseum (the cinema;)

Not many movies are, what I would like to call, slick.
This was a slick movie, it probably even can stand as an identifier for slick movies.

Sin City is a slick movie, slicker than kill bill but not as slick as VforVendetta. The Matrix, made by the Wachowski brothers - who also worked on VforVendetta, was not a slick movie, it was in a different league altogether. Dont really know what to call those kind of movies..

There is one line V says thats very intriguing - 'Its the idea that lives on, not the man' and I tried to come up with something to support that line, "Its not the movie you will remember once you have seen it. Its the idea behind it that you will."