Friday, July 30, 2004

Elections... sad elections

these things just take all the fun out of college. u think there isn't much u can do about it, but thats only cause u dont want to do anything about it but dont want to let anyone else know!

the truth is, person A is 'tha man!'
person B is 'tha dude!'
and person C has got 'tha stuff!'

surprisingly enough A B and C aren't very different.
They are all trying to get elected.
They are all working on their friends and people they have worked with.
They are all trying to show that they are better (be it by showing the other worse or himself greater).
They all believe in working for college, but somehow this seems more like a beauty pageant rather than an election campaign.
A monkey, if ever allowed to vote, would be an impressive supporter from the animal welfare front! and would probably be more publicised than some societies present in college.
The logic that people apply when they talk about support is very profound and still subtle!
Its really difficult to picture something like this, but its more like a double ended sword that has a cover on one side only.! hehe..
They talk about stuff to one section of the people that the other section should never even come to hear! cause if they do, it would hurt a lot!
and they say stuff to the other side, that to the lesser informed, would just be meaningless...
to make on guys campaign work one has to break someones campaign... and believe me you its not that difficult!
paperwork and records might sound like a 20th century crime investigation report, but it worked right?

bye for now!