Saturday, November 27, 2004

it hurts

Through the darkness you see a light,
Wlking down a road yet unseen.
Aspark of joy, the sound of thunder,
Al roaring and yet everything is so clean.

The madness rules, the man does not,
Your head it seems is just a small clock.
What you see around you may seem blue,
Whats in your head ticks away without thought.

I am what I seem to be,
for it must be what I want,
I am here today to scream at me,
for I do lack something, but what?

Life is wierd and painful,
People think it is so at a certain time.
I believe it is meant to be so,
We walk the path and make it all seem sublime.

I am asked many questions,
Ones that I would answer without doubt.
About the tough ones I think a lot, but why?
I should just do what seems right.
I am what I am and I will be so for now,
Since thats all I know how.