Saturday, June 26, 2004

The Dawn of CSS!!!!

"Out of my mind. Back in five minutes."

Well.. most of you low-lifes who spent yesterday complaining either about the weather or groaning cause the one you like is going out on a date with someoneelse, I studied CSS, thats Cascading Style sheets, and now know most of it, quite well!

Can't you see!!!! I need HELP!!!!! I would love to groan about ********** going out on a date with someoneelse!!!!!!! Well, love it at least more than spending ONE DAY on CSS (and XML by the way...).

I discovered a very strange thing while studying CSS, which I am obviously going to share with you.. hehe. You might have thought, twenty years back, the computer was one big load of wires with stuff you would'nt find in any of your really old and then very expensive radios, there were people who were VERY intelligent!! You have to learn CSS and XML to find out!! This stuff has been there ever since!!!

Yesterday was fun.. and so was today, I have m-seal stuck on my fingers, and its not going off. Wierd incident - for those of you who know me, I guess you'll understand.

I have an account at fictionpress!!! go check it out.. I write stories too you know!! (my pen name is: chandna)

Oh and by the way...
Devika Bahadur - it's done like this, "Abbbhhhheeeeyyyyyyyyy sshhuddap!" and not the way you wrote it!

I have to go now..

Friday, June 25, 2004

need help - too bored

I'm acting dead... now I'm pretending to fly towards
the sky.
I am pointing at something suposedly circular in shape
right above my head.


I hope you got that, hehe... Till now today has been
good, I can't understand a bit of CSS!
but its all good... I'll get the hang of it, sooner or
later. There is't much to do at home
nowadays... I'm just sitting here, and programming and
mailing everyone I know, and even people
I don't know for that matter!
Recently while I was on my way home from delhi, I
realised how lucky I am
(touchwood... well... go touch wood!!) hmm.. how lucky
I am to have such a great set of
friends and the best family possible!!
Sometimes I get philosophical and start talking about
things that, at my age, would be
considered meaningless balderdash, but at 70 would be
the worlds finest words of wisdom.
(I know that, cause I usually just repeat stuff I've
read with a bit of masala... hehe!)

I once thought up something that in itself is quite a
deep thought, which would drive
half the suicidal population to actually commit
suicide! (So if you are suicidal, DON'T read!)
I tried to ponder on a small question, "Is food also
just another drug?"
Please note: Not scientifically!

Now wait! I'm not trying to support drugs here! I'm
trying to defame food! Most people get it
wrong when they hear it for the first time. Now for
those of you who know what drugs do, good!
Now's a good time to read on and correct me if I'm
wrong! haha!

Basically drugs can be considered as chemicals that
try, and mostly succeed, to
halt or enhance our nervous system. In some cases the
effect is very desireable!
and in others it acts as a steroid. Both cases are
very addictive.
Now lets try and apply this theory to food! We can't
live without it, we are addicted.
It enhances our nervous system, and helps our body
respond better to external signals.
Somehow this seems too boring to continue any longer,
and in any case I wouldn't want to add
disturbing thoughts to this... at least for now!

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Thursday, June 24, 2004

This is me! (St. Stephen's College, Yearbook 2004. Systems Manager, Students Union) Posted by Hello

My First Blog!!!! My first Message!!!

Hi everyone! and you too who is reading this too late (it was posted onthe 25th of June, 2004!!!)

This is me. I'd write a biography right here, but I do believe you'r not that interested! Let me just say that I'd want you to keep coming back here!! and I wouldn't want to make my first post too irritating! Don't you worry though, all the usual things will be added in other sections.

I guess thats enough for the first message.. I think I'll start talking about daily issues from the next one!