Tuesday, August 09, 2005

had to put something...

finally an inspiration!!

This person [Yohan John]Inspired me to do this, who in turn was inspired by this guy

seems interesting.. maybe I'll learn something about myself too.!

hm.. I was going to put down 50 things about me.. but i'd rather keep that to myself..

here are 10 things each on some people I know! make a guess who I'm talking about if u think you know..

Person 1
1. likes tea!
2. fancies various hair styles
3. considers oneself "fat"
4. no one believes that [I've seen fatter.. :-)
5. This persons hands talk as much as the person does
6. a perfect mixture of shy and bold
7. has (atleast) one nike t-shirt [BIg hint!]
8. Health freak who believes not eating solid food is a good idea!?!
9. I have never seen this person 'not' smiling
10. walks like a queen/king

Person 2
1. likes coffee
2. engineer [in a different way.]
3. Likes pink
4. prefers butterscotch
5. doesnt like to walk
6. enthu
7. reads .. I'd say a lot!
8. anomaly
9. .. I'm speechless.. no more points for this person

this is getting tough!
I think I'll write one line for each of the people I know, but obviously not mention who they are

1. stud
- 77774477788,844,444
2. i didnt expect this
- 72444
3. makes me smile!
- 6277742
4. should have tried to get to know this person
- 7777928444
5. oldest friend [not by age]
- 433666777433
6. for some reason he thinks I dont like him!?! [as a friend]
- 844266552777
7. dont judge her till you get to know her
- 7772577774477733,33
8. knows me well
- 277774446
9. i miss talking to her
- 3,33,3378444
10. the only person i know who will probably figure out the code just by looking at it!
- 52999266

i think thats long enough for a post..