Saturday, July 16, 2005

Samuel Scott Allnutt - pinged!

IP Address Location
IP Address 131.111.231.*
State or Region ENGLAND

To verify, you may click here :-)

and maity thought it was me!

(disclaimer - this is pure guess work that probably doesnt really in actual circumstances mean much.... :-)


The sky is blue, so whats new?
My mood is glum, oh ho-hum.

My cats found a mouse, hiding all alone
I got out of the house, the one I call home.

drove over to the nearest high speed internet center,
drove over to the next.

I swear by that hammer owned by gimli!
- why did I do it?! .. zimbly...

actually.. here is something better.. :-)

As I sit here doing nothing - so I decide to write a poem,
or should I say the poem picks me.
It just popped into my brain,and is driving me insane.
The darn thing just won't let me be.
Now before this gets worse I hope to finish up this verse,
yes it appears I'll beat the clock.
Before I'm found and will be haunted by that beast so unwanted,
that's right folks,the dreaded writer's block.

[and here the block begins... system shutdown for a week i guess..]

Thursday, July 14, 2005

A Prayer for the Stressed

Grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change.

the courage to change the things I cannot accept,

and the wisdom to hide the bodies of those I had to kill today

because they got on my nerves.

And also, help me to be careful of the toes I step on today

as they may be connected to the feet I may have to kiss tomorrow.

Help me to always give 100% at work....

12% on Monday

23% on Tuesday

40% on Wednesday

2O% on Thursday

5% on Fridays

And help me to remember...

When I'm having a really bad day,

and it seems that people are trying to wind me up,

that it takes 42 muscles to frown,

28 to smile

and only 4 to extend my arm and smack someone in the face!!