Wednesday, May 11, 2005

its time again...

yup.. its time for me to write another bit supposedly interesting and enthusiastic stuff for my blog, but how!! am not feeling interested in anything and am not at all enthusiastic about it!!!!
this is the pits! college finished, friends all over the place - but toooooo far to hang out with!!!!!!!! (all over India... hehe.. )
i was waaaiitting for this day soo desparately!!! well, actually I was waiting for the evening of the day that my exams finished.. and it just came and whoossheed by!!!! I didnt even get to say bye!!!!

I cant believe how rude I am! Would any of you jobles people reading this belive that a guy who is sooo jobless to even write this, just wasnt jobless EXACTLY WHEN HE wanted to be!!!!!!!! amazing is the world and ironic is life, put the two together and you have an amazingly ironic life!
now I understand why so many people write about the ironies of the world! my god ITS FULL OF'EM!
just the other day for instance - I was waiting for a friend in Barista and I see this reaaally nice girl! who noticed me too by the way.. (stop laughing all of those who know me!.. and for those of you who dont, ignore that note. ;-)
It was so sad.. I would have so loved to just sit there and think of the possibilities that, in most obvious situations NEVER happen! but then I didnt even get time to do that!

before I sign off.. I have to say this, "If you want to confuse an idiot try saying 'watch out for the bulldozer-its it may get a dent!'"