Saturday, June 25, 2005

Another small trip

I have now decided to return to my old form of writing... metaphorical!

Early one morning, around 10am Chinoor, the lead character (back in form!) wakes up and realizes he is late. Not dead… just late for a meeting he had scheduled. A foldable mechanism was his humble abode at the moment, which he got off and figured looking good would be a nice option for the day. A new device to help ease the soles of his foot, was bought a couple of days back which helped him walk long miles, longer than they usually are. Seriously, physics is very relative – you make walk a mile and think it was a minute long, not to mention thinking that you just broke the Olympic record for speed walking; but nonetheless it would seem quite short.
Anyways, returning to the initial story, morning ablutions were done in style and ready was he to move on to dangerous territories and travel through various different states. Two to be exact.
He left his home, his joy to face a world of greed, selfishness, anger, hurry and ofcourse very loud horns! He found himself in a cab after walking for an eternity (at which point it would seem that he was either walking really slow – to spend an eternity walking and still not get there; or he was walking the wrong way)
The cab guy shouted at chinoor before he got in it a weird word –“maaddikal”
Only later did he realize that it was just a polite gesture which meant – “Good morning Sir, I am headed towards the bus stand called ‘Medical’ in Delhi. If you would like I could give you a lift till there for a meager sum of Rs. 15/- only”
Who could refuse such a polite request! In fact Chinoor let the driver know that he would be getting off a little before “maaddikal” and the driver obligingly offered him a five rupees discount!
Isn’t it amazing how a little bit of politeness can get you so far in life – 16 kilometres to be exact.

Friday, June 24, 2005

My company profile!

Gautam Chandna

A programmer who likes poetry better than prose
Both the Internet and Electronics to excel in; he chose.
Education was an adventure - yet another quest for knowledge!
Results are awaited for his final year at St. Stephen's College.

He managed a lot of Societies and assisted some Clubs.
Then read "Who moved my Cheese?" and learned about Hubs.
Student representative for the College's Technical Board,
t'was his first big break after coming aboard.

Nominated in his final year to the post of President for a Society and a Club each
(The post of Technical coordinator for six more such groups, he was able to reach)
(And the post of Systems Manager in the Student's Union, after winning the polls)
Being an Advisor to the Computer Society was also one of his roles.

Ranging from programming, planning, writing, debating and performing on stage,
To manual labour and underestimated pleasure all helped him, to himself gauge,
He works now at Xeye - he a designer at heart, whose words are in code
But thankfully there are devices to display them in the correct mode.

ofcourse this is totally unofficial. This should be what goes up in my company profile.. lets see if it gets accepted!

Wednesday, June 22, 2005

bored bored bored bored bored bored

//Would anyone like to know what this does?
//There are eighteen platforms
for (i=1; i[lessthan]19; i++) {
//If u are still reading, I'm guessing u really like Brackets!!
LAND_X = getProperty("_root.landing"+i, _x);
LAND_Y = getProperty("_root.landing"+i, _y);
LAND_WIDTH = getProperty("_root.landing"+i, _width);
//The amazing part is that I need to come up with this
//in real time. (as fast as you're reading it)
if (this._y[greaterthan]LAND_Y and
this._y[lessthan]LAND_Y+this.dy+baseObjHeight and
(this._x[greaterthan]LAND_X-LAND_WIDTH*.5 and
) {
//Dont worry.. all this does is stop's the 'thing' from
//falling off the screen - it lands on one of these
stopFall = true;
// This checks the out-of-bounds area for each platform
if (this._x[lessthan]LAND_X-LAND_WIDTH*.5 OR
this._x[greaterthan](LAND_X+130)) {
stopFall = false;
//it works, so please dont send me bug reports and arbit
//ideas of how it would work better!

//You really are bored?! otherwise u would NEVER have read this much
if (stopFall == false) {
this._y += this.dy;
//A little bouncing is good... when it lands..
jump -= 3.5;
if (jump[lessthan]0) {
jump = 0;
//forget this.. there is a lot more code but I didnt feel like writing
//comments for it...
this._x -= this.dx;

//so thats about all I do, nowadays...

really busy, but had to write something for the day..

come here
go there
done here
whats next?
Do I add some more
to this text?

this time
that time
which time
what time
glitch time
why time
what the hell am I doing
my time

Monday, June 20, 2005

shocking.. but not effective.

temporary.. but not changeable.
unconcerned.. but not indifferent.

Feeling the rise in arbitrary conversations and relying on what you heard 'just the other day', I thought I'd write something more than just arbit. Something more, a little difficult to define what it should be.

What is one expected to do, when its not choices that u have to make
Living on and on, existence speaks for itself
The choices u made were'nt yours to start with, your notion of life u need to shake
Forget the things that u kept on the shelf.

hmmm... sounds like I'm not in a good mood.. but I am!?

lets try this.. have u ever heard Frank Sinatra?

not heard OF him.. have u heard HIM sing?

go ahead.. sing it like he would, the following is a happy song


Let's talk about you... What you havent really shown
The world would like to know, What you plan to do now...

Living on this earth, we all seem to be full of sorrow.
What is it that we desire, what is it that we follow

Why dont you ask yourself, living how you are,
Do you think that the grapes are sour?

Lets not believe, in the world today.
Lets just think on our own today.
Making it seem all too true
Let see what you and I do

lets get a bit more technical.. change the voice to someone hip hop..


I just want to feel, safe in my own skin.
Is there a world out there, one that I can find in a tin.
Bound we are from the places we want to see
but do you think we should flee?

Learn to live and live it right,
Why do it when you feel like a fight.
Jump at the chance, do u think u'll get another
dont be so sure - u make it seem all unreal

Lets not believe what we see today,
Lets try and hear today,
making it seem all too true,
lets see what you and I do

anyone for an arbit rhyming song?


Left or right with the world today,
Lets make a leap to the sky,
what part of the world do we foray
Lets just say goodbye

What is it that we still have to learn
What may I do to clean up this act
For the answers to my questions, I yearn
atleast what I need to know, is intact

Lets not believe in what you said before,
Lets try and make it seem better than before.