Monday, December 06, 2004

Enough is enough!

Who ever thought one could say this with confidence,
Who ever realized that it actually is so true!
There wasn’t much I’d learnt in the past that I did today,
I feel like a man, a bigger one than before, but the idea sure sticks like glue!

There isn’t to say, is there? There isn’t much to do, I hope.
For the answer I was supposed to just look, but where?
Everything everyone told me to understand, I just said nope.

Feeling stupid, feeling glum.
I could just hide my face and face reality from behind a mask.
Could I stand, when I know I can’t show my face.
Would I hide, when someone calls out my name?

I think its time, time to smell the flowers,
Butterflies wander the lawns, birds sing their songs,
They don’t really ask whether they are good enough.

I think I should too, just stop asking around,
Time I think I should be what no one else wants to be.
Does it matter that I was pushed around before,
Does it matter that I get easily convinced?

I might as well jump in a well and never come out,
Should I be the one to whom, when u drop the bucket, you shout?
Call me when you need me, is what people did.
I feel deprived of the aftermath; I feel I give it away.

I believe in God and I hope I was blessed,
For I really wish to ask myself, if he did bless
Have I had enough?
For a question so simple all I can say, is yes.


Never knew falling would hurt so much,
I’ve fallen before but only on my knees.
This time I don’t need a crutch,
But I need a lot more help, please.

The night is beautiful, its dressed up like a bride.
The stars make it so elegant, yet away from me it takes a stride.
This one that I fell for, I had fallen before.
Thought it wasn’t possible, so let the wind blow it towards the shore.

We, may or may not be here tomorrow,
These moments, I will remember tomorrow.
The feelings, I have are of love,
But it seems they have flown away like a dove.

Why is the sky and the land seeming all new,
When I asked, the crazy wind replied,
You fell in love, unknowingly,
What have you done, unknowingly?

Love is crazy, it’s just too much fun,
It’s unaware of pain or happiness.
Forgive the crazy man, he will soon set,
He too is unaware, want a bet?

Who was that devil in the green dress over there!
Do you know her? I might just need the number to her lair!
Her soft, blue eyes seem like heaven to me
In a second I feel like Bruce Lee!

12 o’clock! 3 o’clock! 2 o’clock! Jump!
The time has come to make the music pump!

The crazy man certainly went crazy,
His life sure did feel a bit hazy.
But you were there to keep my eyes from becoming soggy,
Turns out my specs were a bit foggy.

I trust God to keep us all happy,
I trust him with all my might,
And this time if I do may say so myself, God sent you, right?