Wednesday, January 11, 2006

The night is young

Unfortunately, on average people think I'm 25 years old! I've been at work mostly... and playing pool a few times... and I went bowling last night... and a man has to eat so I did go out for a pizza once.

But thats about it.. I dont really get to have too much fun around here. Infact the work is so tiring (I have to make a lot of programs and write two page reports etc... touchwood - hope it doesnt get tougher!)

To help ease the work pain I'll be taking friday off. I'm headed to Trondhiem tomorrow night for 3 days:-)

Its an AIESEC national conference, so I expect it to be as AIESEC'y as possible. Trondhiem has the largest population of students in Norway, so it really is just a party place with cheap hangouts.

I assure you, I will be a nice boy and shall attend all the speeches and leadership training programmes with great enthusiasm.

This place has a 'formal dinner' and a 'celebrity night'.. obviously for each I will be dressed up - in my suit and in my sherwani:-)

Hoping it goes great!! Will post pictures in my next post!

Sunday, January 08, 2006

I know I know...

The drag this thing is not perfect... It is, but it just doesnt work along with all this text on the same page. Will replace it with something nicer (and add more stuff) in a week or two

Moving on to nicer issues:-)

This weekend I saw two and a half movies - Madagascar, Dead End and half of Around the world in 80 days. Madagascar is AWESOME!!! Everyone should see it. Infact everyone MUST see it.

I went shopping and got my first muffler of norway! and also bought myself a red sweater. It reminded me of a sweater a friend of mine has and it was on sale! I had to buy it:-)

I miss the college cafe.. made 'Cheese omelette, do toast aur chai' for lunch.. I found another person from college online while I was!

Learned and played poker! lost 50 kroners:-( but I'm so sure I'll earn that and more back!

hmm.. so that was most of my weekend.. I think it was ok.. I'm headed to Trondhiem for AIESEC's Second National Conference! and am supposed to dress up as a celebrity. People here seem to take that pretty seriously and I have no clue who I should dress up like. A friend (kaberi) says I should dress up like Jude Law, but I dont think I know how he would look like and images online arent much help. I need something easier!! any help is welcome:-)